Stick it or stick with…

Yesterday, as we connected teammates to our opus, a number of folks had a hard time feeling emotion in the words, tone, and body language of the one doing the sharing. Over and over the team asked the author to remember to be more human. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and preached for a moment or two, maybe three!

Here’s the ancient truth I shared. Humans are naturally wired to distrust authority. We may fall in line, but we do so begrudgingly truth be told. Humans are wired to fear the leader because, historically, those in power did not do kind things oftentimes to those underneath them. Fact. So, humans love to stick it to The man. However, this takes a quick turn when we see something different from our leader. When we see vulnerability, caring, kindness, and especially love, we flip the ancient script in our head in a proverbial heartbeat. We stick with the HU-man.

Humans love to stick it to The man. Humans love to stick with the HU-man. Good lesson, leader. Good…

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