Go for it…

Today, during practice 24 with a team of ballers, we covered some great ground together. Together we are transforming. We talked about regret. Remember, most young people regret sins of commission. In other words they regret stuff they’ve done or stepped into. When we’re 90, however, regret takes a turn. At 90 most humans regret sins of omission – stuff they wish they had done.

When we’re young we regret actions we took without thinking. When we’re old we regret stuff we thought about but didn’t act on. Kinda messed up, huh. So, today, I challenged this team to “go for it.” Actually their Head Coach did. He and I almost completed each other’s sentences today. We’re beginning to get each other a bit more. We both want this team to take more risks and go for it. He’s not worried about them messing up and doing something they’re gonna regret. He wants them to go for it and if it doesn’t work out quite right, to go for it again and again and again. You see, he is beginning to understand that great lives and great works require great risk. He is trying to tell this team that he believes in them. I do too. Blaise Pascal, way back in the day had some ccd magic for all of us. He said, “I give you the gift of these four words. I believe in you.”

Go for it. You can do more than you think, friend. I believe in you. Good…

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