Blessed by belief…

I recently responded to a note of congrats with something I’ve thought a lot about that is quickly expressed simply as “blessed beyond belief, actually, blessed by belief.” Here’s the quick explanation.

In my study of human beings and what makes us go, it seems there are two primary drivers of behavior – Becoming and belonging. Healthy humans wake up somewhere along the road and realize there is a point to this thing we call existence. These humans exercise their fundamental freedom to figure it out, whatever that figuring means to them. For some the answer to who am I, why are we here, and where in the world are we going will be answered, in part at least, by the establishment of their worldview – their deepest held beliefs that help them make sense of the world. For some this answer will never surface consciously but purculate just below. Some will align behaviors to these beliefs and some will not. All of us are free to decide, at least at this juncture in time, in this country called America.

I believe healthy humans require a freedom to become. You?

Secondly, we are not wired to become and then go it a lone. Healthy humans want others to come alongside and form some kinda community where, at least here, we feel a sense of belonging. All humans want to belong. We want to feel like we fit in, form bonds, develop friendships, and come together as a community. We know this matters and also know that belonging with anyone is not easy or straightforward. The larger the unit we form, the more difficult the task of celebrating differences and coming together as all one. Study human history and you will see this difficulty played out time and again. All leadership challenges begin here, don’t they?

Today, leader, we have work to do to ensure this fundamental freedom is an enduring one. It’s our job to provide a Petri dish where our teams and team of teams are able and willing to come together, not in spite of differences, but because of them. It is our job to celebrate diversity in nearly every way. We want everyone thinking for themselves, becoming the original they already are, and coming together with those very distinctly different from themselves and filling the divide with a more powerful and accepting, deep connection. This is the root of our leadership challenge, we believe, at BTL. Our purpose, no surprise, addresses this fundamental aim, you may recall. Here it is again, by way of reminder.

“Together we awaken, challenge, and transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders from a lone toward all ONE – one L of a difference. One, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Together we transform. Always together.”

Our differences are not the problem, friend. We are designed to celebrate differences, accept one another, and somehow deeply connect so we can collectively, move toward all one. Of course, love is one L of a difference, isn’t it? So, today, as you realize our new world features those unlike you in more abundance than those alike, see this as an opportunity to learn like never before. Slow down and stay curious. Stop the rush to judgement. Remember, nobody is as smart as everybody. Today, with nearly everybody everywhere, we have a unique opportunity to build community wider and deeper if we focus not on the divide but instead on the distinction. The strongest communities are not the same, remember. The strongest are one, distinct and deeply connected. So good. So strong. So thankful.

Blessed by belief. Good…

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