Happy Thanksgiving…

Yesterday, on the drive down to practice 236, my Mom made sure to tell me that she wasn’t feeling so great, her throat was sore, and she didn’t want me to ask her to say anything. Once we got there, she mixed it with the youngsters on the couch, everything changed. The team asked her questions and she plaid them with wisdom from a 93 year old.

On the drive to practice 268, she again told me she was now overly tired and not sure she could go on. I asked her if she wanted to go home (knowing she didn’t) and she responded quickly – “I do not.” My mom is ccd when she wants to be. When we got to Choice Recovery, Chad was waiting for her with the video camera rolling. He has seen her at practice before and wanted to capture this moment, so he did. Freakin’ magic in the making. At the end of 268 there were lots of tears and even more smiles. Mom reminded these teams of how soft we’ve become. She took us back to the dirty 30’s and it felt like we relived a bit of it beside her five year old self. It was a great way to finish off our last practice prior to celebrating today.

Today, downer, downer’s daughter, Brett, Kevin, and I built our literal cores. We could feel the muscles changing as we worked them. I kept channeling my Mom’s energy and thanking her for modeling the way. It was a great workout filled with laughs, smiles, and lots of acute pain. I feel great now that it’s over and Missi’s cooking scents are wafting this way. As Mom reminded so many yesterday, “What you take for granted is going to be taken away.” We live in a blessed time, friend. Lets make the most of the gift we’ve been given. Lets not take this for granted…

And, remember, life is an energy management problem. If you’re a leader, it’s your job to know what gives and what takes energy from you and your team. It’s your job to figure out how to get them to do what they can. It’s your job to make them do what they can, in fact. Yesterday, my Mom told me she was done. I didn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to do, did I?

Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you all…

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