Fail. Learn. Fail. Learn. Flow. Level up…

I love learning. So, this early morning I’ve been devouring my newest read titled Emotional Agility, by Susan David. I’ve studied the brain like a banchee for twenty five freakin’ magic years. I know a ton in comparison to my thirty four year old self (when I got the bug). I don’t know diddly squat when I ponder the questions that still pop into my mind. So, I’m only twenty pages in to this one and it’s obvious she is attacking EI from a new angle, at least to me. She is arguing against Learned optimism and arguing for the strategy of simply detaching from the negative emotions. Time will tell if I’m buying her argument. No doubt I’m learning good stuff either way.

On page 13 is a gem. The worlds youngest female billionaire, Sara Blakely (Spanx founder/CEO), grew up with a great Sunday supper kinda convo with her dad. Dad’s favorite question at the dinner table was some ccd magic, she recalls – “So, tell me how you failed today?”

Fail is not a four letter word to be avoided. Fail is good as long as you learn and fail in new ways tomorrow. Remember, flow is found right at the hairy edge of challenge and capacity. Flow is freakin’ magic! Flow is your brains optimal performance state. You won’t reach it without changing your visceral reaction to failing. You’ve got to learn to see failing as positive as long as you are failing while reaching for something worth striving toward, friend. Who knows, you might just spank one out of the park one day, but only if you keep swinging and learning from your misses. Good work, Sara. Good leadership, Sara’s dad.

Fail. Learn. Fail. Learn. Flow. Level up. Good…

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