Study. Learn. Apply…

You and I do not get better by learning stuff. We get better by doing stuff with what we learn. This thought is at the top of most content pages in the playbook as a constant reminder that most seemingly miss. It is captured in three very ccd words – study, learn, apply.

Study. Learn. Apply.

What are you studying, leader, to master your craft? Are you capturing your learning in writing so your brain sees it in black and white? Are you breaking it down into something you can play with easily as a baby step of PA (productive action). Productive action is how we apply. The best way to get better is to stop waiting to do stuff with what you already know. Take small baby steps today. Build momentum. You can do more than you think, remember. So, freakin’, comically simple, and so uncommonly practiced.

Study. Learn. Apply. Good…

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