Three grapplers…

Last night, three grapplers were given the chance of their career – they were placed into the starting lineup. Two played it safe. One took obvious risks and went headlong after the opportunity. Today, during practice 23 with a completely different team, we applied the same learning to a professional being given a restart to their career. We encouraged him to take a few more risks on the way to taking down a few new markets. We sensed his tendency to be a role player and challenged him to act like a starter and make the most of his chance.

Everyday, you and I are given the chance to play it safe or play it a bit more dangerously. We all have fears that creep into our craniums and make us want to play small instead of pushing our boundaries. We need each other to make us fully reach our true selves. We don’t need others to make us into something we aren’t meant to be or to become someone we don’t want to be. We need others to become our fully alive, authentic selves. We need others help to become ourselves. We need others help to make us do what we can. We need others help to agitate us. We need others help to challenge us. We need others to encourage us. The best route to finding those kinda others around you?

Be one.

Give and take care. Give what you hope to receive. Give because much has been given to you. Last night three were given a great gift. Only one received it and took it for all it was worth. One earned the opportunity for another gift. Today a few were given the gift of BTL and more clarity around their labor of love. We’ll see who takes the feedback and runs with it. None of us is smart enough to go it a lone. Isn’t it ironic that the route to becoming one, involves becoming open to receiving from another one too. Be one. Move toward becoming all one.

Together we transform. Always together. Funny, huh…

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