Chosen suffering and beauty beyond belief…

In 196 days a group of six will depart Columbus for the French Alps. Grappy will be the youngster celebrating his 50th. I’ll be celebrating a decade more. Littlest Fricker will be the senior statesman at 62. It will be glorious, chosen suffering and beauty beyond belief.

Today, like yesterday, we are a team in training. Nothing directs your effort, friend, like clarity of aim. We know exactly why we’re training like we’ve got some (college) eligibility left. We know that every moment suffering here translates to more enjoyment there. And, we get the side bennie of simply feeling better all day long once the temporary, acute pain dissipates from our body. The problem for most of us as leaders is we aren’t clear enough on the aim of our effort, or we’ve limited the aim to a metric we can measure. Numbers work, but only for awhile.

So, friend, when your builder and teammates tell you that your dream (the O in your opus) isn’t big enough, don’t get all defensive and put off. When your coach tells you that you can do better than that, don’t brush their instruction to the side to simply feel better in the moment. Let it in. Today, I called out a few in the 3P to make them do more than they thought they could. As builders we do this everyday. It used to be difficult to do. As a leader I used to simply resign myself to the thought that this is all the teams got and let it go. I would push myself harder than them. I would not hold them to my bar. I would treat them like they were less and so they become accustomed to giving me, and more importantly, themselves, less. Now I demand more. I ask everyone to work to capacity. Now it’s like a reflex.

Leaders, it’s your job to get the most from your team not just from yourself. Leaders are not resigned to the fact that this is all the teams got in them. Leaders make the team do what they can. Leaders challenge the team to increase capacity. Exercise this muscle, leader. Make it known that you and your team are not resigned – you’re reflexive. Aim at an authentic opus. Smile at the beauty of making progress alongside those you love.

It will be glorious, chosen suffering and beauty beyond belief. Good…

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