Behind your name…

Today, during practice 49 and again during practice 2, we practiced 7 good minutes. We tuned in like an animal being stalked, asked only one question, and waited for the second question to simply show up in our brain. We were mindful, or at least we were less mindless. We practiced being present instead of simply saying we were. Today, trust was built.

Today, a team of professionals practiced the basics of speaking and listening; reading and writing. We did not fast forward. We went back instead. I learned a mans middle name – it’s Peter, and he is a rock. I never knew his full name and I’m certain he learned more of mine. We connected for 7 good minutes. We became a bit more distinct and deeply connected. He told me things he wasn’t prepared to say. It was good. You and your team are made to collaborate and come together to move from a team of lone wolves to all one – one L of a difference. The L, remember, is love. Today we practiced stuff we already knew. Why is it that sports team understand and embrace this and business pros are overly enamored with new?

Thanks, Peter, for practicing with me. It is good to know a bit more of the why behind your name. Do you know your secret name, friend? Do you know the power behind your name? Do you know the identity of teammates beside you? Today, assume less. Invest 7 good minutes going deeper. Who knows, you just might discover you’ve been beside a Rock, not just another Thomas or Charles. Good…

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