Do you…

Whatever you’re selling, you better believe it’s worth a lot more than you charge. People buy what they believe in. And, your buyers don’t believe your product is worth nearly as much as you do. You may have just built the most beautiful space in all of Columbus, with all the bells and whistles, and priced it at or below the market. You are only going to find a few who share your belief. And next year, when the lease is up, there are only gonna be a few who still believe your space is worth your price. Your job is to be prepared. Your job is to anticipate this reality. Your job is to continually migrate your value proposition ahead of the market. You, friend, gotta believe and not lose heart. Real, hard, work, to build anything beautiful in the world of business. Fact.

Years ago a client told me he couldn’t afford to keep practicing with his team. Somehow, however, he didn’t have a problem affording to purchase a  private jet. My client, you see, affords what he believes in. He just didn’t feel good telling me he believed in flying private more than he believed in BTL practice. You are no different and neither are your customers. You buy what you believe you can afford. Your customers buy your product as long as they perceive it’s a priority.

So, friend, whatever you’re selling, you better believe. People’s priorities migrate based on your value, the economy, and most of all on the whim of their emotions. Remember, friend, you are marketing to the mentally weak. The world is soft and getting softer by the app that promises comfort, convenience, and mass consumption. Be prepared – I am. I’ve learned a little through sixteen years of frequent firings under the guise of “I can’t afford it.” Another one is coming my way sometime soon. If I want to do good work and lead hard practices that result in tougher teams, I’ve got to focus on the few and make sure to migrate my value proposition without dumbing it down. Leaders are believers and connectors too. I’ve got to believe and so do you. You’ve got to believe, friend, in what you do.

Do you? Good…

1 thought on “Do you…

  1. However much our purpose statement has nuancednthis year one thing hasn’t – “Together we ….transform a FEW…”

    If you want to make a difference invest in a few. If you want to build a team invest in a few. If you want to start a movement start with a few.

    Leaders are believers and leaders are connectors.

    And remember, the few starts with you.

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