Hard on self and soft on others…

Today, during practice 270 with a team choosing to master the art of the curious question, we ended with Keisha speaking some truth. I asked her to put a wrap on a beautiful mess (I love beautiful messes) and she did not disappoint. She shared that 2018 has been freakin’ magic because she’s learned to focus her mind on all that is good around her. Her default wiring has been replaced by a second nature of her choosing. She has chosen to focus on one hundred moments that were kairos, freakin’ magic in 2018. Yes, there were fifty moments of madness. She’s mostly forgotten ‘em. In 2019 she plans to create two hundred kairos moments of magic. She’s gonna accomplish this feat by focusing her mind on the positives just that much more. So good to see.

Today, practice 238 was freakin’ magic. A team of krazies gained clarity. Today, one on one practice with a homie brought clarity to his aim. Today was one practice starting at 6:30am to another, after another, after another, ending at 6bells tonight. I am not a highly paid laborer. Nope, I’m not. I am an opus practioner who only works and plays with people who tend to be harder on self than they are on others. You see, friend, it’s much easier to transition from tender to tough than vice versa.

Tomorrow, Grappy’s coming to get his butt kicked in the mañana. He’s the softest of the soft. He is learning to treat his team the same way he treats himself. He is naturally hard on self and soft on others, at least others that are his team of grapplers. He’s leaning against this tendency and it’s good. You, leader, need to learn how to master the art of being hard on self and hard on others too. Tough leaders produce tough teams. The BTL leader is, by nature, plenty tender or they wouldn’t be here. So, look in the mirror, friend. Are you harder on you than you are on your team? Are you letting others get away with bullshit you would never think of doing yourself? Are you too nice? Are you too afraid they can’t take it? Are you hard on self and soft on others? Good. Flip the script.

Hard on self. Hard on other. Why? Because you believe in them, that’s why. You see, friend, the softee doesn’t believe enough. Flip the script. Believe. Hard on them because you believe in them. This is the mantra of the tough and tender BTL leader. Be one. Good…

1 thought on “Hard on self and soft on others…

  1. Good to be with today and tonight Toto. Here is my “and” – do not underestimate the power of two – when two are together who believe in “hard on self, hard on others” they will not just grow they will multiply. I witnessed and participated in this today – want a good viral infection? Be hard on self and hard on others – this is learned and caught not just taught – right Toto? Right Durp? Right Grappy?

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