Focus on the smiles…

Yesterday, during a couple team practices, I asked the team to take a moment and write about something they did in 2018 that, as they allow themselves to think about it, brings a Duchenne smile to their face. You see, friend, you cannot fake a Duchenne smile. Oh the things I learned just tuning into a few. Oh my God have we been blessed to be beside so many tough and tender teammates this past year.

Nothing brings a wider smile to my face than seeing those who’ve put their trust in our process, reaping the reward. We do reap what we sow, friends. So, next time you see me calling out someone like Lo and letting her have it in front of her peers, remember it’s not out of spite. Nothing could be further from the truth. I only push those, like Reda, who have earned my respect and love. I only push Durp in front of his team because he’s one of my dearest friends and I know he perfers challenge and growth over comfort and confirmation. You see, friend, nothing makes me smile more than seeing young hearts filled with courage step out and train a muscle they have yet to build. I know, with near certainty (almost nothing is 100%, isn’t it?) that God put me on this planet to humbly love Him and love the people put in my path. Every practice is sacred time to me. I pour my whole self out and leave it to others to take from it whatever was intended. Oftentimes misunderstood. Oftentimes deeply connected. Never safe.

Today, I’m headed to a couple practices fully loaded with love and prepared for whatever the teams are filled with. I’m smiling because I know why I’m here, the way God’s wired me, and understand that He wants conduits not cul de sacs. Today, I’m holding nothing back out of fear, expecting to be misunderstood for many a foul thing, and giving tough love toward teammates who need to be built. I’ll be moved toward tears. Few will be shed. I’ll be moved toward teammates. Few will return the move toward me. I’ll be moved to teach sacred truth. Few will listen, much less learn. I will focus on the few and Duchenne smiles will crease this serious and really soft soul.

Today, focus on your smiles. We are meant for smiles. Smiles of joy, laughter, happiness, appreciation, love, gratitude, comradarie, cooperation, and so much more. My favorite memory, however, for 2018 that made me smile? Recognizing my Miss picked up a new laugh in 2018. She has added a joyous, lovely, heartfelt laugh that comes from a place of deep joy in the midst of much sorrow and struggle in 2018. Her health took a hit these past few years but her heart has somehow leveled up. My bride brings more smiles to my face than I dare deserve. My heart is full and fuller as we head into another year (together, always together) of smiles and sorrows. Life, by it’s very design is poison and wine, bitter and sweet, smiles and sorrow.

Focus on the smiles. Good…

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