Our biggest struggle, regardless where we’re from, what we’ve got, what we’ve done, or haven’t for that matter, is the struggle within – the struggle to go from hole to whole.

Hole to whole.

All of us humans are attempting to go from humans with a hole to humans that are whole. One dub of a difference, huh. Work on your worldview, friend, your dub if you will. Accept others, especially those with different dubs. This is e pluribus unum in action. Our country, like each of us is always a wip – a work in process. Hole to whole. One “w” of a difference.

What do you believe makes you whole, friend? What are you doing to try to fill your hole? Or, are you kicking the can down the road, friend and choosing some kinda distraction of the day? Are you awake or sleepwalking through life? Hole to whole, one “w” of a difference. Slow down and sit with this one for awhile, friend.

Your BTL six pack, just like your literal core, is always a work in process. Never stop tightening it up. Never stop stretching yourself to align behaviors with beliefs. Never stop pushing yourself to stand. Never stop looking up for help. None of us, this side of Heaven, is ever completely, perfectly, whole. A lone toward all one. Hole to whole. Grab a hand. Lend a hand. Together we transform. Always together.

Who knew we really do need each other to transform from a lone toward all one, from hole to whole? Good…

4 thoughts on “Whole…

  1. HaHa, Toto. Another “missing piece” bringing the picture into focus! Speaking of “W”, on Wednesday mornings in Build your Faith Practice 365, we’ve been learning where you look to fill your hole to become w-hole is huge. Do you look to the W-orld System, or the W-ord of God? It’s one ‘L of a difference. Like Solomon in Ecclesiastes found, the lure of the world never satisfies — only leaves you longing for more like striving after the w-ind.

  2. Hole to whole. I love that analogy Chet. It’s a never ending journey but that awareness is crucial. Thanks for sharing. And, thanks for all you and your team do to build into us. My favorite email of the day is always from Built to Lead. Merry Christmas.

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