Today we ended our 93:33 France training session with 10 Jigglepuffs. You see, young Jiggles had come to join us for some core training, so I decided to rename an exercise for him. He’s not the first to “earn” an exercise being named after him. Jumping jacks are now jmo’s. SEAL holds are now downers. TRX heel in hipups are now PJ’s. And, first and foremost, the TRX plank is forever known as the Peteyplank.

Grab a pull up bar, friend. Pull your legs up so you form an L shape and hold it for a few seconds. Now, bring your legs (as straight as possible) up and touch the bar. Slowly return your legs to the L shape and watch how difficult it is to catch them at 90 degrees and not let them fall further. Gravity is at work. Your core is too. Once you’ve established the L position, pull the legs up to the bar again and repeat. Today, we ended our training with 10 of these bad boys. We did 5, then 3, and finished with 2. In 185 days we will enjoy the beauty of France just a little bit more.

Hard labor you disdain as you tire. Hard opus you sustain as you perspire. Today, as hard as it was, felt more like opus than labor. Why? The comradarie of suffering and the power of a big dream and beauty. As we wrapped up the work the Littlest Fricker and I turned to Brett, who is headed over for his first time, and told him about the unreal beauty of Col de Roseland. Fricker compared it to what he imagines Heaven to be like. I told him it looks like something that’s been photo shopped but its not. For now, he can only imagine.

Hard labor you disdain as you tire. Hard opus you sustain as you perspire. Do you have a big dream, friend, for your work and life? Good…

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