Pour some beauty and blessing…

You are not meant to be a septic tank. You are not meant to hold bullshit in your head. You are meant to be a love offering and bring light, beauty, truth, and blessings to this world. You are blue sky, fertile soil, capable of greatness, and deep compassion. If you find yourself marinating on negative thoughts and contemplating getting even, write it out instead of acting it act. Write it out and you, in fact, begin to purge your internal septic tank. Once you’ve written and written some more, you will begin to feel the difference in your mind. Psychologist, philosophers, and thinkers the world over have discovered this power from their pen, you may as well. Go ahead, write it out instead of acting it out. Get the negativity out of you. Now refill your mind with gratitude, grace, strength, resolve, and top it off with love. Better, yes?

You are poison and wine. Today, choose to be wine. Choose to be poured out in just the right doses to family, friends, and neighbors. You and I always choose and our choices have consequences. We always have the choice to choose bitter or better. When I choose to be bitter it’s oftentimes because I can’t get out of my own way to see better options. I get so hung up on being rIght that I miss out on being better. How ‘bout you?

Choose wisely, friend.

God bless you all this Christmas season. I hope you celebrate well with whatever is your faith expression. Celebrate Hanukkah, give zakat, and accept those who celebrate differently or not at all. Don’t hold onto all the negativity, friends, that is for septic tanks. You, friend, are a beautiful vessel filled with good wine. Pour some beauty and blessing out of you today. Our family is all together today. Andrew is back from Berlin. Jordan is up from Florida. Krits is not in Kansas anymore and Tay is up from campus. Relatives from all over central Ohio are pouring in to our home tonight. It’s going to be a Merry Christmas here amongst the madness.

Pour some beauty and blessing, friend. Choose better. Good…

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