Self esteem…

Today, during practice 27 with a team of ballers, I got back to my work opus after an eight day break invested with a singular focus on my life opus. You see, the Christmas break is the only time Miss and I have all our kids with us. Freakin’ magic to simply be with them…

Today, a team was given the opportunity to listen and learn. I hit a couple of them with some pass/fail truth. They had the chance to learn even more from a wide variety of coaches who are committed to making them better. It was another great practice. I’m not saying this in a bragging or bravado kinda way. I’m saying this as a matter of fact. BTL team practice is rarely anything short of transformational, by its very design. The best ones are where the team is as prepared and open as I am. Today was such a day. Driving home I gained more confidence as I marinated on a job well done. If you do work that you love, work that challenges you, and work that you prepare for like a banchee and execute upon with mastery, you should feel good after doing your thing to the best of your ability. Go on then, friend, and esteem yourself.

Self esteem is not self absorption or some form of narcissism. Self esteem is simply allowing yourself to care for yourself when you’ve done something you deem as worthwhile. Self esteem is healthy. So is self discipline and self care. Stop trash talking yourself and only watching film filled with your mistakes. Listen and learn not just from your mistakes. Listen and learn from your makes too. Today a team of ballers practiced hard. Some need more self discipline and some more self esteem. My job is to give others my esteem when they earn it. My job is to give others my council and correction too. My job is to know when to do which, to what extent, and to always do so from a caring heart. My job is to understand that it will never be perfect, there will always be mistakes made by me, and that’s alright too. My job is to make others do what they can without them even knowing it’s coming from me. My job is to make them think it’s their idea.

And, my job is to be hard on self without getting down on self. Today was a great practice. Nearly everybody played. I’m feeling really good heading into 2019. I’m smiling and filled with esteem. Are you? Good…

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