Soft kitty…

You are not a victim. You are a soft kitty choosing to be less soft, or a soft kitty choosing to remain a soft kitty. Today, PJ, downer, jmo, and I chose to become less soft, together. We chose to keep working on the last day of 2018. We are choosing to begin 2019 by doing more hard things together. Slowly, we are learning to do more hard things well. Slowly we are building better disciplines. Slowly we are moving from a lone toward all one, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Slowly we are becoming less soft. Good.

We don’t have much control over what’s going down in 2019, just like we had very little control over what went down in 2018. You and I have control over how we respond to the very random input of life. Sometimes, it’s too many easy days that bring humans down. Sometimes, it’s too much power combined with too little impulse control. Sometimes, it’s too little preparation for an ever increasing platform. Sometimes, it’s simple boredom. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. We’re learning to control our breath as we learn to control our mind. Good.

Life is difficult, even when it’s easy. Resolve to keep working, friend. Build your BTL core ever stronger. Author an authentic OPUS and develop the daily discipline of productive action, your playbook of PA (PoP). Aim for excellence. The world wants us to play small, remain soft kitties, and blame circumstance and other people for our plight. Choose better, not bitter. Resolve to make 2019 another year where you win more of the mind games that define our lives. Build strength and become anti-fragile. Coddle yourself less. Challenge yourself more. Be one of the few that makes others want to do more because of your example. Model the way. Embrace pain (acute)and suffering. Embody truth in Love.

Together we transform. Always together. See you on the climb in 2019. Good…

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