High performance individuals, teams, and leaders invest their time asking questions. Remember, at BTL, we believe that transformational leaders are both Curious George and my way IS the highway. Of course, this insatiable curiosity must begin within. I mean come on man, you cannot lead another further than you’ve led yourself, can you? So, start going deeper with why questions directed toward your greatest leadership challenge in 2019 or any other year – the challenge of leading yourself well. Ask yourself more why questions, friend. Do not stop with the first thoughts that come to you when you ask this of yourself. Go deeper. Become insatiably curious about why you are, why you do, and why you don’t…

Start with a popular one this time of year – Why do I say I want to exercise but never make the time? Go deeper. Ask yourself what would cause you to want to train your body and brain like a SEAL candidate training for BUD’s? Write it out. You will see a why, maybe two or three. Go deeper again. Write more around one or two of those why’s. Get to the root. See the fear, frustration, and the need to hide from the real, raw, you. Write some more until you can see a beautiful why bigger than your fears. Write it down. Laugh at those fading fears as your big why overtakes your newly hardened mind. Once you see clearly your why, write it again in the form of a personal purpose statement, a defining statement of your work. And, write something aspirational that you and your clear why are gonna aim toward – a big dream that inspires you, friend. Now all that’s left is taking the first baby step of PA to create movement and momentum. Clear why’s (strong BTL core), big dreams (authentic OPUS of your authoring), and your PoP (playbook of PA), are all it takes to live life on your highway, friend. Once you’re clear, start baby stepping. Exercise and nearly every other discipline are no match for your clear why. Want more willpower round anything? Why…

Now the brain can tackle the next why questions that matter to you. For instance…

Why do I desire balance but never seem out of balance toward home? Why do I refuse to learn from certain team members? Why do the same triggers overwhelm me today? Why do my relationships never seem to satisfy? Why am I playing small but keep telling myself I want to go big time? Why do I refuse to repair with xyz? Why am I so afraid of facing my fears? Why? Start to write at least three why’s for every question. You will be amazed at what you find. Ask why questions of yourself. Start here. Start asking why questions of yourself, instead of the ever popular aim at others. When it comes to all the others in your world, in fact, you need to master asking how, what, when, and where questions. How can I help you more? What would you like me to stop doing? When do you want my support the most, love? Where do you want to go with your career, teammate? How can I help? Insatiably curious, leader. Good.

When it comes to why questions, go deeper within. Clarity will come, it just won’t be easy. It hurts to get honest with ourselves, my friends. It hurts to see our holes and we can’t move toward whole without starting here. Go on, all the acute stuff is over before you know it, once you embrace it as the only honest way ‘round.

Start going deeper with why questions this year. Go on. You’ll see why. Good…

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