You do not need more time, friend. You need more discipline. The way to get more discipline is to get more clarity around why.

When you know why you’re here, who you are, and where you’re going, figuring out how to get there is the easy part. Before I figured this stuff out for me, life was all about following somebody else’s agenda whether it be a parent, teacher, mentor, partner, or preacher. Once I took the time, however, to figure out what I think about the big questions of life, clarity arrived as did change. I still listen to Mom and many others. I do so now, though, through the lens of a strong core. You see, friend, one of my deeply held beliefs is that I’m on the hook for my life, I’m accountable, and it’s not anybody else’s job but mine to figure out why God put me here and what He wants from me. The clearer my mind becomes, the easier my yes means yes and my no means no. I’ve cut out more bullshit and become so much more disciplined once clarity came. Fact.

This takes time.

Start here, friend. Stop blaming your busyness and boss. You have as much control over time as any other human. Time is undefeated, remember. Stop wasting this minute. Work on your BTL core, author an authentic OPUS that represents your labor of love. Once you grind this out and it’s real, you won’t be able to stop yourself from PoPing (playbook of PA) it out. And, as you get busy down your Highway, all those pretty little side streets of distraction will melt away. “My way IS the highway,” will blind your eyes to bullshit that once took you off track. Freakin’ magic, friends. Freakin’ magic but it takes hard work and lots of it. Strong core, hard mind, and soft heart. Invest time here. Build mastery within, with your craft, and with your loved ones. Become a master in your current domain where you’re being paid. Master your current craft and you will find more time. Crazy and true. Build here, where you are.

You do not need more time, friend. You need more discipline. The way to get more discipline is to get more clarity. Good..

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