Listen like Leonardo…

Yesterday, during BTL team practice two with a team of leaders that barely knows one another, we learned that great speeches are legendarily brief. MLK jr.’s dream speech was short and epically sweet. Lincoln’s Gettysburg address took two minutes, the speaker before him took two hours. So, leader, speaking eloquently and elongatedly is overrated. MLK and Lincoln did 100x listening to speaking. Both of them became masters at listening to disparit arguments and understanding the ideals behind different ideas. They changed their world not simply with their use of words but with their ability to align their actions accordingly. Truth be told, they focused very little energy on speeches.

You see, friend, transformational leaders listen like Leonardo.

Leonardo is know as the worlds greatest genius. His first essential for becoming a genius was to become insatiably curious. You see, there is no cure for curiosity. Transformational leaders ask the best questions. So, yesterday we practiced this during 7 good minutes. We are far from mastery and that is step one in the aim toward excellence. We see the climb clearly. Good.

Leaders are believers and connectors too. We mostly connect with the leader like Leonidas who joins us in the fray and leads from the front. We mostly connect with the leader like George Washington who calls a huddle and listens to every Lieutenant, not just those closest to him. We mostly connect with the leader like Sojourner Truth whose actions, in spite of extreme obstacles, inspires us toward the angels of our better selves.

Speak ccd (clear, concise, and direct). Speak from your heart. Don’t overthink and over prepare words. Invest your energy in listening to distinct and very different people. Learn to hear yearning for connection instead of complaining. Learn to listen like Leonardo and become a master of curiosity. And, once you’re clear, do more than you think. Lead from the front. Remove obstacles for your mates. Be with them. Yesterday, during practice two, a team of leaders connected and today they are doing something with what they learned. I am too. Together we transform. Always together. Good…

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