We come into the world very much the same way. Every human is born self centered and other controlling. As babies, we cry to get what we want (food, water, eye contact, touch, love). We cannot care for ourselves and feel the need for controlling our mother or care giver. Our focus is inward, naturally.

As we grow and mature, we learn to self care even though we still desire others care too. We become autonomous, or at least aim at autonomy. We also learn to get along with others by crying and screaming less while smiling more. This usually lasts for awhile until something difficult jolts us back into fear mode. For some this happens early with the loss of a loved one or some other obvious obstacle that cannot be overlooked. For others this jolt comes much later. Whenever it comes, however, it has a very predictable effect – it draws us further inward, for many to the point of complete absorption in self. Most adults are not unlike their early childhood selves – self centered and other controlling.

The aim of BTL is to build excellence in individuals, teams, and leaders. Together, through awakening, challenging, and the consistency of hard work, we transform from self centered/other controlling toward core centered/self controlling. As we become core centered and self controlling, we develop the ability to focus our attention beyond ourselves and truly observe the world and other people. We focus outward and our mind is forever changed.

Masters must build an ever increasing focus outward. This is difficult and contrary to human nature. Obstacles are coming, big ones too. Build inner strength now so you can focus outward with relative ease while the seas are calm. Do not wait for the storm to begin building a better nature. The crucible reveals. Simple as that. Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Where is your focus, friend? Are you primarily self centered/other controlling or core centered/self controlling? Talk with a truth teller. Listen. Stay curious. Let it in. Build a bit more within while freeing your mind to further its focus outward.

God, help me get out of my own head. God, help me focus outwardly. Outward. Good…

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