Respect equally…

If I had a dollar for everytime I gave this advice…

Most of your problems are rooted in respect. If you’re a normal human you give too much “respect” to your leaders at work and too little to your family at home. You see, everyday I hear really strong, high performing leaders tell me hard truths about their reality. Their boss is doing x,y,z and it’s crippling the company. They go on and on with crystal clarity. I stop them after a few minutes and ask them if they have been this clear with their boss. The answer is, of course not. My advice is to talk to their leader in exactly the same way they just spoke to me. Pass the tension to its rightful owner, in other words. Instead, the default is to hold onto the tension with the owner and subconsciously take it on home. This tension sits in your craw, friend, and your craw leaks. This is where the cliche – “kick the dog” comes from. Btw, none of my clients kick the dog. A lot of ‘em, however, take the frustrations home and somehow the negative emotions leak out when their son, daughter, partner, or spouse does something seemingly small, yet it suddenly has ‘em sideway. Sound familiar?


Reverse the equation, my strong, high performing leader or individual contributor. Treat everyone with respect, exactly the same amount. Do not treat those in a one up position differently than those you perceive in a one down position to you. Embody truth in love. Pass tension at work. Prove your strength by holding more of it at home. I mean come on man, you do know those you plan to grow old with are not those with whom you work, right? If you want to grow old, but not tired with your loved ones, stop bringing so many of your frustrations home simply because you fear the man/woman. Remember, you are strong. Stop being so deferential toward those above you and too demanding of those below and beside you. Neither of them are God.

Respect equally. All humans are deserving of respect. Model the way. Embrace pain and suffering. Embody truth in love. Stop being so damn normal and start becoming BTL. Good…

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