Begin to believe…

Today, during a freakin’ magic one on one practice with a young leader who is gaining clarity, we went from his writing to a scene out of the movie The Matrix to drive home a point. He lit up like a Roman candle lights up a darkened sky. He is becoming a new man (Neo) as he is beginning to believe he has what it takes. He does, btw, he’s just taken awhile to believe it. The same is most likely true for you, my normal reader. Your limiting beliefs are limiting your behavior more than your bolted on beliefs are igniting them.

Flip the script.

Write out your self limiting beliefs, friend. Now, throw them out. I mean really toss them in the trash. Flush them. Eject them into outer space. You get the picture, I’m sure. Now that you’re clean, write out your most bolted on beliefs. Inject these deep into your BTL core. Begin to monitor your behaviors and catch yourself beginning to believe and acting accordingly. Gain courage as you notice this second nature growing within you. Like my client today, you can be the change you want to see in the world, but first you’ve got to believe. There is nothing more powerful than a believable version of you. Begin to believe, friend.

Build your BTL core stronger, friend. Begin to believe. Good..

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