My way IS the highway…

When I started BTL back in 2002, I decided to do it my way. You see, I’d come to discover that my way IS the highway, at least for me. So, when my financial advisor told me I was leaving money on the table not annuitizing my investment in my intellectual property, it took me no time at all to tell him – that’s right.

When I spoke with other coaches and told them my plan was to travel only to KC and build 90% of the business here in Cbus, they told me I was nuts and that all the big money comes on the road. It took me two seconds to tell them – that’s right, I’m nuts. When Larry Allen and Johnnythegurue ganged up on me and kept coming at me for many, many moons with their idea to change the composition of the BTL core, it took me a long, long, long time to finally tell them – that’s right.

If you, friend, want to build a work/life of opus, you have got to embrace the fact that this puts the onus on you. You can no longer blame the boss, brother, bride, or board. Your labor of love, once you truly decide it’s your highway, is yours to navigate. You cannot defer to another. You have grabbed the reins and gotta ride the road less traveled. If you find yourself easily swayed and twisting in the wind trying to make others happy, you haven’t found a life worth living. If you find yourself not letting anybody in, you haven’t figured out that nobody is as smart as everybody. You are not meant to go it all a lone even though you’ve got to go a lone at least some of the time. You gotta find your few and allow yourself to be moved, just not easily.

Yesterday, during practice 50, practice 3, and a couple one on one practices too, I had more than a few people feel my edge. A couple commented that I was maybe overly edgy. I was not. You see, friend, part of my opus is being an irritant reminder to those people in my path. My aim is to agitate to the point of awakening. Once the target is awake, the aim is to challenge them to do more than they think they can. Once they begin to do more, the freakin’ magic starts. Together we transform. Always together. Today, another sports team is getting their first taste of BTL team practice. I’ve not been taking on new clients for quite some time. I’ve chosen to put all my eggs in a few baskets and am purposely going deeper with the few clients I already have. It makes no sense doing it this way. Makes perfect cents to me.

My way IS the highway. Good…

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