One thing we can’t do…

…is do for you what only you can do for yourself.

Most of the time here you read about clients who are becoming elite.   You read about them challenging themselves and gaining clarity through their writing.   You read about their breakthroughs.   You read about them choosing acute pain.   You read about them dreaming AND doing.   You read about their Productive Actions as “done so.”

BTL is not for the masses.   It’s for the few.  Yet even within the few, there are a few who in their fu-tility have made little progress.  Years after paying their builders to build them, they are still a shadow of the authentic version they could be, and miles from the Dream State which could be theirs.

Together we transform is our tagline, but it’s not a tag-along.   Two-gether transforms when both do the REAL, HARD, WORK.   We are the builder, not the CEO, of YOU.   Only you can lead you.

Only you can author your deeply held beliefs.

Only you can write the Overarching Vision your heart sees.

Only you can do the things you must do to reach it.

And only you can flip the pattern of comparing yourself, making excuses, and playing the blame-game.

At BTL we believe Emerson and Blanchard are right:

  1. Our chief want in life is someone who shall make us do what we CAN.
  2. The role of a builder is to do for the client what the client is not YET able to do for self.

We won’t do for you what you can — i.e. what you MUST.

We will still believe in you, but we won’t believe you…and neither will your team – until YOU do.

Two-gether we transform.   It takes two.   BTL and YOU.



2 thoughts on “One thing we can’t do…

  1. This is why there is only one Gurue in the BTL band. Thanks, Gu for this freakin’ magic. I hope our readers got the message. It takes two doing the work for the work to be done. Good…

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