Again, lets train…

1 Corinthians 13:13 – “Three things will last forever: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.”

Recently finished my second read through Born To Run. What a great book this has been for me. So much more learning the second go ‘round after ten years time. Forget the science. Forget the latest analytics. Forget nutrition, tapering, periodization, and everything else you know about your sport. Forget recruiting pure talent and all the five star bullshit. Find athletes with faith in themselves and in something bigger than themselves. Recruit athletes that exude hope and embrace adversity. And, watch their bodies as they train especially as they fatigue. Look for an abundance of love. The greatest of these is love, my friends.

Don’t take me literally and forget everything else; but the greatest of all these is love. Recruit love because love has no ceiling. Love God, the team, yourself, and your work. You and I were born to run toward someone and something. Tread lightly as you run, friend. Tell yourself to leave no tracks. Run with those you encounter along the way. Be with them and celebrate the gift of coming together. Deepen your faith in what isn’t yet seen or seen only dimly. Never stay down for long or even think about giving up. You have everlasting value and life is filled with meaning, purpose, and obstacles. Run around, over, and through them. Fall in love with all of it, even fatigue. The more you fall in love, the longer you laugh as you tire, the less you fear the wall as you fatigue, and the more you focus outside yourself as pain registers in your brain. You see, friend, love conquers all. Love matters most.

You are born to run and built to lead (at least BTL yourself). Joy is found through doing hard things well, remember. Start, friend, by learning to do hard things not so well. Keep working. Have faith, don’t lose hope – find the love in it all. No love? Feels like all pain. More love? I can’t wait to train. What kinda athlete are you, friend? Is your focus on the pain (fixed mindset) or is love telling you it’s nothing but a gain (growth mindset)? A gain?

Again, lets train. Good…

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