Text, tweet, or talk…

Leader, let me practice being ccd. Your words matter, especially the words you communicate electronically. You see, email, text, twitter, and all the emojis in the world cannot communicate context as completely as two humans talking face to face. Too many leaders, today, rely on the ease of electronic communication instead of the more difficult, time consuming talk. Most conflict is simply a conversation to be had. A face to face conversation, that is. With all due respect (btw, this is a bullshit phrase from ancient Parliamentary times and I recommend you avoid using it electronically – see urban dictionary for modern interpretations), leader, you have the time. Talk. Take bs off line and talk.

Of course you cannot make time for everything and everyone. This is why the work within (BTL core) is even more important the higher up the ladder you proceed and why the clarity of aim (opus) informs critical conversations like none other. Have you taken the time to build both? Stop building and filling up your day on the busyness express. Stop sending passive or passionate electronic communications that leave the receiver reeling, confused, or feeling they’ve just been run over. These kinda communications are like a tax on the team.

Do you want to tax your team, leader?

Leaders, and their powerful, yet peaceful presence, regulate the room. Transformational leaders talk. Translation. Transformational leaders mostly listen and let you, their turned up teammate, do most of the speaking. How ‘bout you? Text, tweet, or talk. Which one matters most to you becoming One, distinct and deeply connected, leader?

Text, tweet, or talk. Good…

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