Always with respect…

This past week I got sideways with one of the BTL builders. So, next time we talked I told him the truth. I was ccd and didn’t rush to judge what he had done, only told him how it hit me. No big deal, I told him to check out the source of sidewaynees and write me his thinking. Within hours he wrote me and clarity arrived. We talked again. All good.

Sideways to straight is a short route when you don’t let it sit, ignore it, or worse yet, do nothing directly but instead get even through some passive aggressiveness or some other source of vengeance that takes your system back to straight. Remember, revenge is the oldest human tactic to take you back to straight. Don’t get even, friend.

Get straight by coming clean and telling another hard truth as soon as possible. Don’t get mad. Don’t assume the worst. Simply state what has tweaked your justice thread and taken you sideways. Give them the chance to absorb and respond. “All good” arrives quickly when both parties simply come clean by being clear, concise, and direct (always with respect).

Always with respect. Good. Actually, all good…

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