Tank loved harder…

February 2, 2019 is one of the worst days yet. My best little buddy, Tank, took his last breath. He was protecting his den from an outsider and barking with all he was worth when he suddenly slumped over. Within seconds, maybe minutes, he was gone. I’m struggling to take any breathes now. A part of him remains in my heart and a piece of my heart feels forever wrecked. He taught us so much…

Tank first burst into Miss and my life over ten years ago when Keturah and Jordan brought him to our home and he bounded, full of love, from couch to couch just getting and giving hard cuddles and lots of licks. Kai, Keturah’s cousin, had rescued Tank from some Frat party at OSU. Kai witnessed Tank being abused, paid the assholes a hundred bucks and left the party with Tank. We can never thank Kai enough for fighting for our little grand pup.

It would quickly become apparent to Kai that he wasn’t the best home for a little puppy, so he reached out to Keturah and Jordan who lovingly took Tank into their new home on 1st Avenue. Tank’s been a Scott ever since. When the two of them moved to California, Tank traveled along. We would visit him there and he was so happy to see us he kept jumping from couch to couch to get all the cuddles he could muster. He was always so happy to see his people. When the government outlawed online poker, Jordan and Keturah made the move to Mexico and Tank came to his grandparents. He would spend more and more time with us, however, and it wasn’t long before Jordan and Keturah divorced and both decided that little Teeks, as we had come to call him, would be best served by being with us. Miss and I couldn’t have been more agreeable. Tank had already taken over our hearts, you see.

So, for the last six years or so, Teeks has been our dog too. He came alongside Jo Jo and after a few disagreements, they became inseparable friends. Jo Jo cannot see much at all and can’t hear anything but loud claps. He has navigated life the last several years by smelling Tank and following his scent. Jo Jo is now walking around the house looking kinda lost. Miss and I are a lot like him – lost. Miss put her whole heart into giving Tank a house filled with love. She made it her mission to give him the life she thought he deserved, free from fear and full of love and warmth. She did her job. She lived her labor of love and Tank was the lucky target of her aim. My friends have often commented that if they get a second go at life, they wish to come back as one of my Misses dogs. Tank’s wish came true. He was given a second life by my Miss. Oh did he make the most of it…

Yesterday was such a typical day with Teeks. He slept in late with Miss like he always does, cuddling her hard on the left side of our King size bed – just right for the three of us. He sat at his post surveying the side yard and watching every vehicle come down Pennington. After my morning workout, I returned home and, of course, Teeks greeted me with a wagging tail and smiling heart. Coming out of the shower, all fresh and clean, I put on my clothes while Teeks watched me get ready. He loves to watch Miss get ready and can always tell when she’s going or staying by the scents and clothes she wears. So, after getting ready, I called him up on the post while Miss continued working nearby. I told him what a good boy he is, how much he loves me and his pack and how much we love him. I stroked his ears (velvety soft) and filled his cup. I do this with him so many times a day, it’s not funny. He soaks it in and goes over for a belly rub. Teeks loves love. A few minutes later Miss and I both were on the rug in the office with him giving Teeks a love sandwich. We got on either side of him and kissed him up. He returned the favor. Teeks always returned the favor…

Next we wandered to the kitchen where Miss had made goose liver, heart, and carrot concoction for both Jo Jo and Teeks. She put their bowls down and Jo attacked his like it might be his last supper. Tank took it easy like he always does. I gave him a couple pets as he ate and he was gentle barely lapping up his lucisousness. This was his way. So soft inside when you were in his pack. Later in the day Miss was making Nick’s (Her dad) soup and Tank knew there were carrots going in. Yes, of course, he had a couple. Somewhere an hour or so before he met his fate, Miss, Teeks, and I were back in the office contemplating if it was warm enough for me to take him on a walk. We couldn’t use the word “walk” or he would have gone nuts in anticipation. He knows his words, you know. So, we spoke in code and decided it would be better today.

It will not be better today.

Today is wrecked because one of our love’s is gone. There will be more dogs in the Scott family. We are dog people to the extreme. There will never be another Tank Scott, however. Tank taught me how to love deeper, harder, and to see through the rough exterior. Tank taught me to see through his battered heart and fear. Tank taught me take time to get on his level and love on the rug, the wood floor, the post, yard, carpet, and the walk walk. Last night I went out for a walk in the dark on one of his favorite routes and howled for him. I called him by all his favorite names. I heard other dogs bark from their warm homes or back yards. I can only hope my Teeks somehow heard me from his new post in Heaven.

Thanks again, Kai, Keturah, and Jordan for bringing this love package into our lives. Tank lived hard and loved harder. Tank loved harder. Tank became Teeks as we loved harder. Love harder. Yes, lets all love harder. Good…

4 thoughts on “Tank loved harder…

  1. Sorry for your loss. I binge read your letters like a book annually. I’m thankful Tank ended up with your family. I know that pup had a better life than most humans in your care. Im glad and amazed how an impulsive seemingly small action made such a large impact on many lives. Keep writing, living and loving hard. Good!

    1. So good to hear from you, Kai. Thank you, thank you, for rescuing Tank. He was the best dog ever. We cry, almost daily, tears of joy while thinking of how blessed we were to be in his pack…

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