Jordan, Andrew, Kristi, and Taylor…

Our oldest son, Jordan, is a professional poker player in FLA. Our only daughter, Krits, is an event planner working in KC. Our youngest son, Taylor, is a senior at OSU and apprentice at BTL (no buttons left on shirt of dad), and our second son, Andrew Paul, is an artist in Berlin.

Andrew just updated his website to reflect more of his work. It’s a beautiful expression of his labor of love. Feel free to check it out at Great work, son. Actually, as a father of four young adults, I’m very bullish on this coming generation which has already produced a record number of artists and entrepreneurs. For all our worry about millennials, they’ve been breaking the mold of settling for becoming a “company man/woman,” to becoming more and more their own. The opportunity as a “free agent,” micropreneur, or master of whatever is your craft, has never been more accessible or more competitive.

Our job as leaders is to lead a team of peers with the power of our belief. Miss and I would love to have our family all living in close proximity and sharing Sunday supper every week. We would love to be with our babies (so to speak) and show them the way to the promised land. We understand that God gave them to us, however, for only a short while. They are a gift, designed by God, to be set free. As parents we have to make our peace that they are very much our own, but not designed for us to own. This goes for your teams too, leader. The best teams are a team of peers. Everyone is thinking, dreaming, and doing. It’s hard to tell who’s the leader because the leaders belief has infused all around. Some will stay close by, some will venture far beyond, and some will figure it out through trial, error, and the obstacles in their way. Our job as leaders is simply to model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and embody truth in Love. And, the deeper the love, the greater our sense of loss. Love and loss, friends, are the bookends of our existence. Love harder, anyway…

Leaders are believers. There is no greater gift than giving the gift of your belief, friends. Good work, Jordan, Andrew, Kristi, and Taylor. Good work. Keep working. Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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