Fire or Fyre…

Two hundred years ago the two greatest influences in the life of an average American were faith and family. One hundred years ago? The same. Today, faith and family barely register in America’s top ten influences. Number one, by a freakin’ million miles of endless apps, tweets, podcasts, Netflix’s, and snapchats, is the media. Want to know what’s in your head? Take a long look at your phone. If you’re normal you’re on that baby for over eleven hours a day. Don’t believe me, just ask Google, Alexa, or Siri. You are being influenced more and more by the media with every click and swipe. Fact.

Taylor just asked me to watch the documentary on The Fyre Festival. Said it would blow my mind. After he helped me log onto Netflix (yeah, it’s been awhile), I watched this sad commentary on how easily a community filled with weak cores can be influenced. Social media influencers are running or ruining many of their followers who are too weak to think for themselves. Sad.

Here’s the reminder. You are the CEO of Y.O.U., friend. You are best equipped to lead you but it’s gonna take some work within to do the job. A strong physical core requires constant training and stretching. You have to keep working what you’ve built within your physical core if you want to stand up straight and tall. A strong BTL core is no different. Your W.I.P. (Work in process) is your worldview – deepest held beliefs, identity – names you call yourself, and principles – the values that mean the mean the most to you. Your 3P are your passions – Love to’s, purposes – your big whys for work/life, and your process for tightening and tying ‘em all together. Your W.I.P & 3P are the BTL sixpack that allow you to stand firm amongst the media onslaught, friends. The BTL sixpack will give you the strength to become your biggest and best influencer, the CEO of Y.O.U., if you will.

A soul on fire is not easily swayed. A soul looking for some social media influencer to show them the way to the promised land, is likely to find themselves taken for a ride. Are you a soul on fire, or someone looking for the next Fyre to get you lit? Slow down and sit with these thoughts for awhile. Slow down and reflect on your work within. Fire or Fyre? You choose. Your choices have consequences.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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