Freakin’ magic in the making…

Becoming BTL begins with awakening to the liberating fact that becoming the original you already are, is all we’re after. You are an original designed by a loving God, who has left it up to you to figure out who you are (becoming), why you’re here (becoming & belonging), where you fit (belong), and how to make it meaningful, energizing, and a life worth living (opus).

You are meant to become and belong. And, all that we see here is but a glimpse of what is to come. We are all so much more than meets the eye. You, friend, if you’re still breathing, are not done evolving. Keep working. Keep loving. Keep giving. Keep believing. Become the original you already are, you’ve just been too afraid to reveal. Find your place of belonging as you journey through work and life. As you begin to feel comfortable in your own skin (especially as it wrinkles), and content with your people, your sense of contribution and effort will become a labor of love. Freakin’ magic in the making. Do not miss this. This could be huge…

You are freakin’ magic in the making, friend.

Becoming BTL is the point of being here. Everyone of us was born to lead ourselves, at a minimum. You are not an apology, so stop selling yourself short with all kinds of disclaimers and negative self talk. You are an original. The world wants you to play small and survive for 75 or so. The world wants you to mindlessly follow your fear based, lizard brain. God designed you to find flow, joy, love, and meaning on the road to becoming and belonging. Life is difficult. Obstacles are in all of our ways. Remember, you are made for these hard moments of truth. You are made through them. You are made to learn to do hard things well. You are made to smile as you figure all this out and include all kinds of distinctly different dude’s into your dream. You come in a lone. A life worth living is all about moving toward becoming all ONE – one L of a difference. One, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. What do you believe, my friend?

You are freakin’ magic in the making. Live hard. Love harder(Thanks, Teeks)…

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