As a leader of anything or anyone, you can count on one thing – resistance. Leading, by it’s very nature, creates a rub. Your team does not necessarily see the resistance you’re facing. They don’t know all the circumstances and situations your position puts you in. Your team simply sees how you respond. The reason we have so few deeply committed teammates around us as leaders is because we leaders are ourselves so noncommittal. We don’t take a stand. Our team sees this moment and is seared. We kneel at the alter of the board, majority partner, owner, or investor and get exactly what we deserve – a team that does likewise.

Want a better team, friend? Become a better leader. Stand. Stop backing down from the fight right in front of you. Stop delaying the confrontation with the bully in your system. Stop avoiding the hard conversation with your teammate who puts up numbers but misrepresents the brand. Start speaking truth in love, being crystal clear with expectations, and holding all around you to performance standards – high standards. Stand.

Everyday I see a positional leader lacking courage. He’s being bullied, he knows it, and he, kinda like Neville Chamberlain back in the day wth his bully, Hitler, is trying to negotiate, placate, and dance with someone who wants nothing but control. You, leader, cannot be given courage in these moments. You must already possess courage. For in these moments of truth what comes out of us is simply a reflection of what is in us. The time to build courage is not in the moment when it’s most required. The crucible simply reveals, friend.

What’s in you, my friend – an abundance of love or an abundance of fear? Courage, remember, is defined as more love than fear. You cannot fake this possession. And, your team cannot miss it. Leaders always remember the moments when they stand. Why? Because in these moments of great courage our very souls are seared in the most powerful of ways. You see, we all crumble most of the time. We all dance a lot. All of us have buckled more than we care to remember. Only a few, however, build the inner reserves of courage to finally stop dancing and simply stand. If you’ve ever had such a moment in your life, you will never forget it. Your psyche will not allow you to let it go. You see, everything about that moment is etched forever in the forefront of your consciousness. You are meant to stand. You are born to become strong. When you finally get the courage to stand, you’ll never forget it. If you’re a leader, this character of courage must be built. Build now. Leaders face resistance just like all of us. The leaders we want have courage, take stands, and do not back down from bullies. Become one.

Moments of truth are coming, friend. Build within now. Your strong, BTL core is the courage enabler you gotta build. You choose. Your choices have consequences. God, help me stand for all that is good, true, and right. God, help me resist the dance. God, help me give courage to my family, friends, and client. God, help me fight for right. God, help me know when to let go and when to hold tight.

God, help me live harder and love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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