You do not build toughness by taking the easy way ‘round. You do not build a tough team by coddling them.

I have lots of tough clients at BTL. There’s not many soft leaders that succumb themselves to being built to lead. Everyone of my clients is tough, at least on themselves. Here’s an interesting observation through seventeen years of building tough clients – very few are as tough on their team as they are on themselves. Most are coddling their team. You do not build tough teams by coddling them. You build tough teams by teaching them how to do hard things well. You build tough teams by holding them to a high standard. You build tough teams through a rendering process that spits out those who can’t take it.

According to Bill Self (Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Coach) the opposite of toughness is one of his favorite words – soft. “Soft is thinking you should have help on defense, and that thought causing a letdown. Toughness is the anticipation that you won’t get help, so you do everything in your power to stop your man. If the people around you are tough, and they are willing to do tough things, I think you are more likely to be tough too. That’s good peer pressure. Peer pressure can make us do things we shouldn’t do, but it can make us want to do the tough things, the right things, too.”

What kind of peer pressure are you rewarding in your room, leader?

Do not misconstrue this message. You don’t build tough teams through yelling, screaming, or demanding that they do more than they can. You build toughness by modeling the way, embracing pain and suffering, embodying truth in love, and demanding that your team follow your example. Stop expecting less from your team, BTL leader. You didn’t get to your position by taking the easy way ‘round, did you? Follow me. That ought to be enough.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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