Over 500 times faith is mentioned in the Bible alongside the words trust & believe. Clues are all around us. Our desire for justice, our love of beauty, our love of love itself. Faith is the hand that grabs hold of God. What does faith feel like, I wonder. Faith doesn’t feel like certainty. Faith doesn’t feel like math. Faith and doubt go together. Faith is being able to say, Thank you, God.

Hebrews 11:23. Moses. Faith is a choice. Faith is as much a matter of will as anything. It is a decision with what we’re going to do with evidence about why we’re here. Faith is a choice to see. The good Samaritan. He didn’t look away. He saw an injured man and acts on what he sees. Faith is a choice to see and not look away. What might God want you to see and not look away from? Where could a little faith carry you, friend…

Faith feels like a choice to see potential in a child. Moses mother and father saw God’s potential in him. If all you could see is this world, would you bring a child into it? Many Europeans have lost their faith – they aren’t having children. In some European countries the population is going to be cut in half in 50 years. It takes faith to have a child. It takes faith to see potential in your child. Life takes faith, doesn’t it…

Faith can feel like a choice to get on the down escalator. Moses chose to be mistreated. He associated with the Hebrew people instead of enjoying the benefits of being with the Pharaoh. Moses was well educated and a great leader. At age 40 he was at the top of his game. He chose, to get on the down escalator. He committed career suicide. He chose insecurity over security. Maggie Gobrohn, the mother Teresa of Egypt known as Mama Maggie, loves the garbage kids of Egypt and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. She was a rich lady on top of the world. Amazing. She regarded disgrace in the here and now as nothing when compared to glory in the life beyond. She weighed something. She made a decision to pursue true greatness. Mama, “We don’t choose when or where to be born or die. God wanted to promote me by having me leave the best to serve the least…” She weighed things and said, this is actually better than that.


Faith feels like a choice to rely on me, the man/woman, or God for my life. I mean come on man, we all gotta have faith in something or someone, don’t we? Faith. All it takes is a mustard seed. God, help me have a little faith in a big God. God, help me stop striving for man made heights and recognition. God, help me keep working for an audience of one. God, help me. Slow down and sit with this one for awhile, friend. In whom do you trust?

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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