The Latin word Matrix has it’s origin in Ancient Rome. The Roman engineers who were figuring out how to make roads, aqua ducts, and other such things for the first time, were early adopters to say the least. The algorithms they used to solve these complex problems they referred to as the matrix because it gave birth to the answer. You see, friend, the Latin word matrix translates, literally, to the English word womb. The Romans believed the matrix gave birth to the answer.

Your worldview is a matrix of sorts. Your worldview is how you make sense of the world. Have you taken the time to consciously discover your deepest held beliefs? Are you too busy to solve this internal problem? You choose. Your choices have consequences. Author your matrix. Swallow the blue pill. Figure it out. Align behaviors with beliefs. Of course you have to know the latter to align the former. Slow down. Make sense of your world. I mean come on man, do you think you were deisgned to be a second hander? Do you think you were meant to just follow the leader?

Or, do you think you were designed to think for yourself? If so, have you given birth to your answer? And, is your answer (Matrix) evolving as you are? Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

2 thoughts on “Matrix…

  1. Better yet, if you’ve swallowed the blue pill and fallen asleep seeking comfort instead of truth only to find neither, swallow the red pill and go deeper down the bunny hole. Who knows, you just may find the truth and the truth will set you free.

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