Performance aggressive…

High performers, remember, are performance aggressive; never passive.

The world is full of faux performers that have succumbed to fear and decided instead of playing with truth they will play it safe. These performers mask their thinking and feeling and take just a fraction too long to decide to open their mouth or get their shoulders in front of their defender. Instead of speaking truth or finding themselves in space, they say nothing or find themselves without the ball. I see this everyday. So will you, most likely, when you look in the mirror.

Your job, leader, is to face your fears and in moments of truth remain aggressive. Do not hold people to a higher standard – just hold them to your standard. Too many leaders hold their team to a lower standard than they hold themselves. What is up with that nonsense? Don’t get me wrong, I do not want you leading in a bullying way, but aggressive in a performance kinda way. Aggressive because you are here to perform at the highest level and attack your work with your whole heart and complete effort. High performers are performance aggressive. The world is full and getting fuller of passive aggressive people. Stop tolerating in others what you won’t tolerate in you.

We need Y.O.U. to beocme one of the few with a dream worth pursuing. A dream worth your best. A dream that will energize you to bring aggression toward your performance. Today, OSU Women’s basketball faces a road test after they recently tasted success. The temptation, after you’ve won a few, is a slight dip in effort and an almost imperceptible decrease in urgency and focus – that’s all it takes. The slow drip toward passivity picks up speed. The aggressor will most likely win tonight. The same is true at your place of commerce. Everyday, at your place of work, people are watching you and seeing how you’re performing when away from home. I hope they see you going for it, getting your shoulders in front of whatever defender you happen to face, and making those around you do what they can. Passive, loose cultures are great when you’re aim is chill. Performance aggressive cultures are the ones you want when your aim is thrill – the thrill of victory, that is.

Performance aggressive is the one you want.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

1 thought on “Performance aggressive…

  1. I wondered away from the aggressive. Thought I needed a break. Need calm. Now returning to agressive. Returning to extreme. God, it hurts. What a beautiful pain. Scaring the shit out of me. What a beautiful glorious place, stretched beyond my limits of fear and pain. Balanced on the precipice of disaster…on the precipice of victory. Loving it.

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