Yesterday, in another transformational BTL team practice, I called one of the leaders lazy. Talk about a four letter word…

All humans are naturally lazy. Your brain, remember, defaults to energy save mode. This is prehistoric, primal, survival wiring from way back in the day when we never knew where the next meal was coming from and were always on high alert so we weren’t the next meal either. The good life is going against this default wiring. The good life is learning to do hard things well. We learn to do hard things well by embracing the suck. This morning in the 3PP we trained doing pistol squats. We are doing them poorly. Learn anything, friend, and you’re going to suck for awhile. Embrace the suck, it’s the only way through.

Yesterday during practice 52, I gave a lawyers argument to a lawyer. He tried to hit me back by commenting on my unshaven face. I hit him again with hard truth. He’s lazy and not doing what he could. He could be great. He could be elite. He could be so much more than he is and he’s already really, really good. You see, friend, BTL team practice is not to rehabilitate the weak. BTL team practice is designed to make the best do even more. So, if you find yourself in a BTL builders cross hairs, look up and thank God for the gift. BTL builders only build into the best. Consider it a privilege and ask for more. Last night the lawyer wrote me a kind note. He received instructions and courage yesterday from a few who care enough to hit him in the face. He took it. Time will tell if he applies it.

If he consistently trains his brain, he will learn to fight his lazy, default tendencies. He will learn to do hard things and, eventually, do hard things well. Pretty soon, he’s going to be yukking it up like we were this morning in the 3PP – learning and laughing while doing hard things. Today, we did some hard things and embraced the suck. We have not learned to do pistol squats well, at least not yet.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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