Yesterday was a day filled with practice – 5 one on one, 2 team, and 1 on the phone. The day was one practice after another from 6:30am – 4:30pm. My brain was beginning to wobble as the day wound down, but it was a good wobble. You see, hard opus you sustain as you tire. Hard labor, you disdain as you perspire.

This morning from 6:31am – 7:29am a team of 8 gathered in the 3PP for some chosen suffering. We are learning to do hard things well, together. Excellence is what we’re after. Excellence is achieved by doing hard things well. We learn to do hard things well by doing hard things. Whenever you begin to do hard things in your work and life, embrace the blow to ego as you fail, fail, and fail again. We fail forward, fellow humans. We fail forward as we learn. Life is all about learning along the way.


Yesterday I was paid to learn. Today I’ll be paid to learn. Tomorrow? Same. BTL builders are paid to learn. The more we practice, the more we learn. Yesterday was a cornucopia of learning from OSU to k-dev krazies to Kyle to Lockton to kman to OSU to durp and finally with practice 277 at Choice. Yesterday was pure opus and pure learning. Builders learn and share their learning.

What are you learning today? Don’t be a hoarder, friend. Share your learning. Focus on those turned toward you. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

2 thoughts on “Learn…

  1. Just before reading this post I put a package of learning for you in the mail. A token of what you’ve taught me about “Deep change or slow death, OPUS, Real. Hard. Work., Growth in pursuit of OPUS is sacrifice and suffering that tires rather than exhausts, it’s ‘Dream and Do’ not “Do or Die,’ etc., etc.” Much more but that’s it for now. I gotta get after it. Thanks, Chet.

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