I love the idea of becoming the “best version of yourself” and I am sick and tired of hearing people use it as a crutch. We are telling our young people to settle and they’re buying into it as a way to take the pressure off. We’re telling them (and they are hearing it loud and clear) that it’s alright not to aim at being the best. There can only be one who is the best. I get it, it’s a ridiculously high bar that is mostly unachievable. Reach for it, anyway.

You see, too many of our most talented, young people are hearing the message that it’s alright to lose, as long as you tell yourself it was your best version of yourself that just got its butt kicked. This takes the heat off. This is not the language of the elite. Btw, if you’re reading this and it’s rubbing you the wrong way, you’re most likely not the intended audience. Only the few are crazy enough to have a visceral reaction to a loss and taste the pure joy of a hard earned victory. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind if you lose and left it all on the mat, court, or field. It’s alright to make your peace with that moment where the opponent is simply better than you – just don’t buy that this is your future reality too. Use the feedback only a loss can give you to double down on effort, study film, exploit your weaknesses in practice, stay late, come in early, and learn hard skills to transform tomorrow’s performance when “next time” arrives.

Use the sting as a springboard. Use it.

Excellence is about learning to do hard things well, not tell yourself it’s alright if others have learned to do hard things better. Aim at the best. Stop settling for feeling better and aim at being better, better, and better yet. Tell yourself the best version of yourself is way out there and keep reaching. Aim high. Fail. Learn. Keep reaching. Fall in love with the practice and the process of mastering your craft, whatever it is.

For me and my mindset – the best is still in front of me. I’m turning 60 in eleven days, have never felt better, and I’m speeding up with no intention of slowing down. My aim is to be the best builder of elite entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO’s, Coaches and all of their teams. When I look back at my game films, I see lots of room for growth. I’m not settling but striving. I love this work and loathe the status quo. I’m going back and performing the same fundamental practices in a thousand nuanced ways. I’m not bored with marrying the mundane, I’m excited by small, incremental gains. My work product is getting better, and it can get a whole lot better. The best is a long way from today. Good…

BTL will never be the biggest team of builders, fact. Our aim is to be the best. We want to be the best in the world and the best for the world. We want to transform ourselves and all the teams we touch. We want to transform elite individuals, teams, and leaders. We awaken, challenge, and transform the few that want to be the best. We move those that recognize they’re a lone, toward becoming all ONE – one L of a difference. We are becoming one, distinct and deeply connected. We are demanding builders, not because we’re jack*&#@!, but because we are after our best and yours. We don’t believe our best has arrived and neither have we. We love this labor and loathe the status quo. We love our work and our team. We love you too or we wouldn’t be with you. We don’t believe our clients are working/living at capacity or even close to it. So, we push. We demand. We are here to make you do what you can, and our clients can do a lot. We are hard on self, not down on self. Our aim is to be the best. We believe our best is coming, just not yet. We are not the best version of ourselves, never will be. We live hard and love harder. How ‘bout you? Might I suggest, most of you need to aim higher.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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