Mentally stronger…

Another habit of the mentally strong is to never stop dreaming big. Goethe long ago said, “Dream no small dreams, for they have no power to move humankind.” He was right. However, most Americans stopped dreaming back in High School. We’ve become a nation of settlers in so many not so healthy ways. The mentally strong dream in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and beyond. Big dreams energize us for the climb regardless our age.

The BTL recipe for building mental strength starts with frequent self assessment. We look in the mirror and honestly evaluate our abilities alongside our aim. We are brutally honest about our current state, energized by our dream state, and disciplined in moving ourselves from here to there. We understand it’s a long, long, climb. So, we focus on this iteration and like me on this morning’s climb that kicked my butt, I took it one switchback at a time. I told myself to keep pedaling and just make it to the next turn and once there told my mind to focus only on the next turn. We dream and do. This is so different than simply following the process of just do it.

You see, friend, the world tells the elite to just do it and just do it some more. This works for awhile as long as we’ve got some coach kicking our butt or we’re young and filled with piss and vinegar. As we age, however, the do, do, do trail loses it’s power to move us forward. We know what to do, we know how to do it, we simply can’t make ourselves do what we once did. You see, friend, the just do it process is primarily informed from mind to heart. And, most humans over time and through adversity, develop a hardened mind which soon informs a hardened heart. Once the heart hardens, it’s difficult to dream. Fact.

The BTL recipe is to flip the script and have the heart inform the mind.

Instead of just do it, dumbass, and do it some mo, the BTL soft heart keeps telling the weak mind that it loves this stuff, enjoys the pain and suffering toward a worthy aim, and draws other warm hearts into the journey. The soft heart doesn’t harden the mind, instead, it fills and focuses it on the love of the aim and the love of those alongside. The soft heart changes the mind. The soft heart strengthens the mind and builds a mentally tough man or woman who keeps dreaming big and dreaming some mo. This is no day dreamer either. This human dreams and just does it over and over as they smile and bring other soft hearts and like minded along. Big dreams keep us moving as we age and face adversity. Dream and do. Dream and do. Dream and do. Develop the habit of protecting your heart, filling it with love, and having your soft heart inform your mind. This is another habit of the mentally strong. Is this one of your habits of the heart, friend? Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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