Make the Harder Choice!

What is the harder choice I am avoiding?

This is a question I was journaling about this morning. I try to take a question from a page of my favorite most thought provoking questions each morning and simply journaling, taking a deeper dive into the question and seeing those words on the page, my answers. I can’t explain everything as to why this practice is so beneficial to me but I will offer some of what I wrote this morning and maybe you can identify with some of my reflections on this question.

I love to read and I enjoy asking clients, friends and family what’s on their reading list……. I am constantly looking for the best blogs, articles and trading titles of books, and articles with my partners Chet, Kitty, John, Doug and David…….And 95% of what I read is related to our work at BTL……… I underline passages, I take notes, I write all over my books and yes, I share it with clients, friends, familly and in my weekly videos

……….AND I am still avoiding the one thing I know will make a huge difference in my ability to gain even greater clarity of thought let alone in my retention skills, my coaching skills, my facilitation skills, my desire to be excellent at what I do and gain the Mastery I know I can achieve……. if I will simply…….make the HARDER CHOICE AND…….Write and share with my community what I am learning!

That is the HARDER CHOICE…….the habit, the practice of writing/blogging…… that is the harder choice, that is what I’m avoiding!

Why, well you know the answer to that question; it takes effort, commitment and it’s putting yourself out there and being vulnerable and yes the thought of sounding……you know…..not smart enough, good enough, I’m not really a writer, will I really gain any more clarity by writing…..Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!

So, that is what I wrote in my journal at 5:30 am this morning and now I know beyond a shadow of doubt how I would benefit from a stronger discipline of writing:

  • I will gain greater clarity and confidence in my own learning.
  • Developing a Keystone Habit, a habit that impacts all areas of your life.
  • A discipline, a practice that is part of the Mastery I hope to achieve.
  • Sharing what I am learning with our BTL community.
  • And most importantly, continue fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.

So what is the HARDER CHOICE you’re avoiding?

“Start writing, no matter what! The water doesn’t flow until the faucet is turned on.”

                                                                                                __Louis L”Amour  



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