Mentally strong…

Here is a habit of the mentally strong, friend. Master this. You are wired to remember your fails. Nothing wrong with your cranium when it does this. Use this to avoid the hot stove, running into traffic, and repeating stuff that hurts and doesn’t help. Make sense? Good.

Here is a habit of the mentally strong, friend. Master this. Masters remember their little wins. You see, friend, you’ve had lots of little wins but your natural brain doesn’t find most of them worth storing. Fight this tendency. Slow down and take a moment to celebrate your baby steps of progress today. This doesn’t take long and will not make you soft. This habit will build self esteem. The mentally strong fill themselves with esteem, primarily their own. When you esteem you, you begin to deepen your belief in you and the more you believe in you the more likely you are to get out of your comfort zone and reach for better. The mentally strong take more calculated risks. This is how they keep getting better. This is how you will get better too. You build capacity by reaching outside your comfort zone and building skills you don’t currently have. Do more of this, friend.

Today, during yoga class in the desert, I built some skills by doing some poses very poorly. Everything felt out of sorts and I didn’t look very capable next to a bunch of old ladies, and my best Miss, who had their stuff together. The instructor worked me hard and didn’t let me off the hook. It hurt physically and mentally to do something I didn’t know how to do, at least not very well. It hurt and helped. Good. After class, I thanked the instructor for pushing me. She looked me in the eyes and told me she hadn’t pushed me at all. She reminded me that she wasn’t the one making me do anything – I was. So, I took a moment and let that thought seep in. I celebrated a little win doing yoga even though I didn’t do it well. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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