You can’t lead anybody any further than You Have Led Yourself!

Earlier this week I received a message from a client that I have been coaching for approximately 3 years. In that time (3 years) that we have been Building together we have had many tough conversations where I needed to tell him things he didn’t want to hear and it was painful.  He struggled with the feedback, he failed, he was at a real crossroads in his career and he had a remarkable team of leaders who never stopped believing in him. They were holding him accountable, they made it clear his lack of leadership was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. He made the CHOICE, he looked in the mirror and there was only one guy staring back! He had choices to make.

Paraphrasing the author of Good to Great, Jim Collins, before we can lead a disciplined team along the road from good to great, we must decide to journey up that road ourselves. My client made that choice to take a very hard look at his CORE and take the deep dive of not only accepting feedback but mining for feedback that would provide the light, the self-awareness to dig deeper into his core beliefs, values and strong sense of purpose and most importantly the Big Dreams that I believe got lost along the way.

I have never met, read about or studied a great leader who has not done the hard work of defining their core principles/purposes and how they choose to utilize their gifts and talents to serve others. What I love about Built To lead is the proven process we have, The 12 Essentials of Personal Excellence. A playbook that we utilize in building and guiding clients along that path of self discovery and the building of a Strong CORE….”you can’t lead anybody any further that you have lead yourself.”

In the message I received from my client he was reporting on a ride he had taken earlier in the day with a group of elite cyclists. He rode 127 miles and he averaged 22.3 miles an hour. And most importantly he talked about the team, riding with a great group and how on the last hill he got dropped, humbling to be dropped but a great day with a great team!

I was so happy for my client, he has developed the disciplines in his leadership and enjoying the benefits of building a stronger core, more confidence, stronger community, clarity, contentment and consistency.

What kind of choices are you making? Our choices have consequences and we cannot continue making bad choices and expect to get great results!  Sit down tonight and ask yourself just one of these questions, write a little bit, reflect on it and write some more…..who knows… might find something you never knew was there!

Who are you?

What do you stand for?

Why do you live and work?

What Big Dreams are lighting you up?

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