Be the change…

Recently another team was given the gift of BTL team practice. They’ve been given this gift already and are being given it, by their leader, in a smaller more intimate practice. They believe the smaller size and location will change the outcomes for them. Size and space do not matter most, your desire to do the work does. Nothing changes until you decide it does. Nothing changes until you decide to be the change.

Be the change.

Lets assume some of you reading this rant are looking for some hack to healthy living. If you’re normal, you begin by googling it. This search will lead to too many choices. In reality, there are no easy answers to maintaining a healthy/physical lifestyle. You cannot simply follow anothers way, you must find your own way friend. So, this process begins with you deciding to slow down and really learn how your body reacts to food, drink, exercise, rest, distress, and much more. You must learn what works for you through trial and error, taking risks, and experimenting with insatiable curiosity. You must notice MOT (moments of truth) and make note of what works and what does not. You must learn how to avoid injuries while embracing pain and suffering. And, none of this will stand the test of time unless you’re fully awake. Most of you are not. Most humans never awaken, in fact, sleepwalking through life is the norm. You will not build a healthy/physical life without waking up and learning to think for yourself. And, you are much more than your body, friend.

Recently a friend of mine described his awakening as a MOT when he lost consciousness while overwhelmed with emotion and some drink. He woke up. Looked in the mirror, didn’t like what he saw reflecting back at him and decided to change. Your wake up calls have been coming, friend. You’ve just not been aware enough to notice or strong enough to respond. Your wake up calls will keep coming. Nothing will change, however, until you decide it does. Nothing changes until you decide to be the change. By way of reminder, here’s another example of a wake up call that came without requiring a knock out blow. This is some Sunday writing from one of our BTL practice participants. Slow down and gain some clarity around change.

“It also finally dawned on me today why Chet uses some unique terminology, why he shares some great stories with us (Gettysburg) and asks us to read, write, reflect, be curious, challenge out of belief and to act (not delay, not retreat), to build a strong core and to dream – dream big, not small,….it’s because it is what is best for us as individuals and, as a result, it is what is best to enable us to come together as a group, as one, all one….you see, as an example, I believe Chet is winning every day, he is following and living his big dream and we are his work in progress, he shares and learns from our discussions and he rinses and refines his big dream on a daily basis, he has found his passion and he is living it out every day in this human life – he found his passion and has built a business that is important to him and it is clear why he does so if you read his OPUS – and we are so fortunate that he is willing to share it with us, he has made himself and BTL indispensable, at least to me – now it is up to us (up to me) to capitalize on this great gift.

The way I see it, by discovering who we really are as individuals and putting in the HARD work (building a strong core) to become who we want to be (our big dream) – through faith, hope and love, we can then better serve others (our teams and clients) in order to build the firm we want ‘our company’ to become and grow into the leaders we all aspire to be – together – ALL ONE.”

Good clarity by my friend, huh. He is earning this. Clarity doesn’t come without doing the work. Clarity arrives as you do more than you think, remember. Are you waking up to the great gift you’ve been given, my friend? Are you taking life as it comes or building something beautiful according to your design? Are you awake and oriented times four? Do you know what that means? Are you just going through the motions when you’re in BTL practice? Are you working hard applying what you’re learning like the awakened soul who shared above? Remember, changing your location and your team doesn’t change anything if you’re still the same person in a nice, new room with nice new people. Nothing changes until you decide it does. Nothing changes until you decide to do the real, hard, work in you. Nothing changes until you take responsibility and decide to get busy working on your greatest leadership challenge – the challenge of leading you. Be the change, huh Gandhi? Be the change.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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