Oftentimes people ask me for my top ten interview questions. They are not HR approved. Feel free to “and.”

1. Why are you here? Look them in the eyes, take a deep breathe and tune in like an animal being stalked.
2. Tell me more? Whatever they answered to question one, go deeper.
3. What’s your greatest fear? We all have a whole lot of fears. See if they play it safe or get real/raw.
4. Tell me more? Go deeper.
5. Tell me why you believe this position aligns with your passion and purpose? This will make most squirm and begin the b.s. process. The ideal response is for them to have clarity of their best work self and see it being easily expressed here. The second best response is for them answer honestly that they don’t know.
6. Recall a MOT (Moment of Truth) where you stood well? Look for honesty and self awareness). You may have to explain what a MOT is. Use an easy example of one of your own. Be kind.
7. Tell me about the hardest thing you’ve ever done or gone through. This is Doc Potterat’s go to and it’s a good one. Listen and have tissues nearby.
8. Ask them how they got through it or how they’re getting through it now. Listen for a willingness to ask for help and admit weakness.
9. Ask them what questions they have for you. The best leaders, remember, ask the best questions. My favorite candidates ask great, curious, and informed questions, questions that show me they’ve done their homework around why we’re here.
10. Final question. Why would we be making a mistake passing on you? Listen for ccd(clear, concise, direct) conviction, confidence, and humility. Listen for belief. Look them in the eye and see if you see (Andrew Jackson) “shoot in their eyes.” Leaders are believers. Leaders are connectors too. Good.
11. Rinse and repeat. Involve other key teammates. Look for consistency. Nobody is perfect at the hiring process so take your time. Most mistakes are made when we rush someone through just to put cheeks in seats. Do not habituate this. Instead make this your habit – Hire slow. Fire fast.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

2 thoughts on “Interviews…

  1. Very helpful, will bring clarity for all. Here is one of the last two questions I ask, given to my by Jim Griffith (Griffith Coaching): If I had known you better, what would I have asked you? (and wait them out in silence).

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