We depart for Lake Annecy, France in thirty three days. Tomorrow, the five of us will hop in our cars and head up to The Mohican state park to train. We will ride every hill we can find. It will be chosen suffering. My bag is packed anticipating the Littlest Fricker’s arrival at 5:45am. The French Alps are my favorite place on this planet. Their beauty is like a magnet pulling you to each of their summits. Andrew and Miss are going to make this third trip the best just with their presence. So good to integrate more of my loves in one space. Freakin’ magic in the making.

What big, physical dream excites you to train like you’ve still got some eligibility left, friend? What big, relational dream excites you to measure what matters more than keeping score of who’s done what, or hasn’t for that matter? What big dream serves as the overarching vision to your labor of your love for your work? What big dream serves as the overarching vision to your magnum opus? Are you dreaming big or settling for more time on the treadmill, so to speak.

Dreams bring joy to hard labor. Tomorrow a team of five will not act our age. We will ride with joy because we love our work and we love each other. The same is true for home, work, and life. Love your work and love your teams. Find joy in doing hard things well and doing them together. Always together. Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend, friends. I pray you find joy in whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re doing it, and with whom you’re blessed to do it. I pray you find joy.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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