My favorite author had it going when he wrote his most famous work – going down the drain, that is. You see, back in the late 1940’s, C.S. Lewis was hitting an all time low both personally and professionally. He had just been passed over for two major promotions at Oxford, his best friend just died suddenly, and his brother (living with him at the time) was battling alcoholism. As if these weren’t obstacles enough, Mrs. Moore (care giver) had developed dementia and flipped from giving to taking care. Lewis’s dear friend Tolkien had also gone south on him as he accused Clive of stealing some of his literary ideas. Yikes. The college of English is divided on what direction to go and Lewis finds himself more isolated than ever. So, what does he do?

He does not give up, he does not stay down, and he does not stop working. Nope, he does not. He keeps working and decides to double down on his effort even though at the time he’s overwhelmed with his workload. He escapes into an imaginary world and begins writing with almost wreckless abandon. The result?

The Chronicles of Narnia.

Yes, friend, whatever obstacles are in your path, however large they loom, and difficult the way appears, remember the ancient wisdom from our Stoic friends – The Obstacle becomes the way. The obstacle is the way. Obstacles are a fact of life, friend. We all have ‘em. What, friend, is in your way? Your obstacle is fuel if you see it as the way forward instead of insurmountable. Your mindset determines if you use it to energize you and your mates or let it use you. Use your obstacles. Use your imagination. See beyond those looking past you. See beyond those simply passing you. See beyond the wall. Keep your eyes on the summit and see the beauty not the beast. Embrace the pain and suffering as you labor not in vain but in passionate pursuit of your aim. Your obstacle is your way, when your opus is your aim.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

1 thought on “Obstacles…

  1. I needed this today. Before I read this I almost felt defeated. I forgot what I was aiming for. I forgot that for 8 years I’ve been fighting for my Big Dream and not just me. Thank you for bringing me back to my Opus

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