One person’s challenge is anothers chill. One person’s comfort zone is anothers panic. One person’s distressor is anothers eustressor. We are all wired uniquely. And, our optimal performance zone is outside what is comfortable and toward the edge of what is challenging. Too easy and we’re bored. Too difficult and we’re overwhelmed. Just this side of chaos does not sound like your optimal performance zone, but it is.

Everyday my aim is to figure out how to put my clients right up against theirs. Today, I flooded a friend. I could see his brain go into full tilt mode. My aim was good but my execution was ineffective. I’m learning how far I can push him. He’s tough and we’re working toward incorporating a bit more tender. He’s learning some new skills and we’re finding our footing. Together we’re transforming even when it feels like we’re on tilt. Who knew you can learn more from tilt mode than simply tackling what you’ve always taken on by doing what you’ve always done. It is good to experience the feeling of being overwhelmed and realizing you’re distressed – nothing more.

Life is a process of learning. Joy is found when learning to do hard things. And nothing beats the mountain top high of learning to do hard things well. Of course, along the climb there are going to be moments that overwhelm. Anticipate these MOT (moments of truth). Preload your response. You will see the power in this practice. Pretty soon what once put your system on tilt will have you smiling with satisfaction. This is growth. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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