Self centered…

Excellence, we believe at BTL, is built by going against your nature. We are the only animal who faces this dichotomy of becoming it’s best by going against it’s nature. Fact. All humans come into this world self centered and other controlling. This is our nature. Excellence is achieved when we flip ourselves on our proverbial head and move toward becoming core centered and self controlling. Now this move cannot guarantee greatness. Many a man or woman has become core centered and self controlling and slipped into the abyss anyway.

So, friend, it matters a great deal what you decide to believe (worldview), the names you call yourself (identity), and the principles for which you decide to stand. It is up to you to channel your love to’s (passions) and not leave them unbridled, running rampant. It’s on each of us to discover purposes and use them for the greater good, not just our own. And none of this is an event. We don’t build a better nature over a retreat, seminar, or in a moment of pure enlightenment. We build a better nature with a million baby steps, taken one at a time.

You were born self centered, friend. Are you building a better nature? Are you becoming core centered and self controlling? Are you seeking happiness and soft soap or getting down and dirty in search of truth, love, and goodness. God, help me leave my selfish nature a bit more today. God, help me.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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